Vicarage Road | Lynas Smith

Vicarage Road

The Vicarage Road Development consists of one mixed use building housing 33 Flats and three small commercial units. The Project is currently in Planning.



The proposal aims to create a series of simple geometric forms which are broken down  in order to mitigate in height between the low shopping street to the Vicarage Road Stadium.

The massing along along Vicarage Road and to the Rear is broken down into simple forms of ‘brick fingers’. These sit proudly above the concrete plinth whereas the recessed panel elements sit quietly in the background. The window openings have been designed as punctured openings with deep reveals within the brick fingers.










Project: Vicarage Road
Address: Watford
Client: GS8 Watford Ltd

  • Planning was submitted in May 2018
  • 33 residential units (13 x 1 bed, 17 x 2 bed and 3 x 3 bed)
  • 3 ground floor commercial units