Watford | Lynas Smith


St Albans Road is currently with planning. As part of a wider masterplan the scheme aims to kick start regeneration, setting a benchmark standard for design and materials.

New public landscaping will improve the public realm on St Albans Road.






















The listed building on site, a former station house, will be transformed into a tap room.








All four new buildings are, being sympathetic to the adjacent buildings,  predominantly designed in brick with some concrete elements . Whilst using a uniform language for the scheme and sharing brick types, each of the four blocks has a unique, recognisable facade treatment, examples below.






Project: St Albans Rd
Address:  St Albans Road, Watford 
Client: Watford Developments Limited

  • Planning Jun 2018
  • 146 residential units Affordable and Private
  • Commercial Space on GF and Mezzanine 291 sqm
  • 12 car parking spaces on basement and 4 on ground floor.