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Holmes Studios

45 Holmes Road continues our approach of mixing residential with small commercial spaces to create a vibrant community and eclectic mix of people in one place. The scheme redevelops a run-down light industrial building, replacing the former use with a contemporary business use adding 8 residential units above.


Apartments are placed on top of the existing commercial units on the ground floor. The diagram above shows how the units are accessed via a new external stair and lift core.
The units and amenity spaces are designed to be entirely wrapped in the external envelope which is black timber cladding. This envelope allows the building to appear as a consistent form with simple openings and a playful facade with a sense of depth created by the recessed balconies.



The industrial box form with strong vertical timber cladding and timber screens give the elevation an industrial appearance. The landscaping creates an attractive, directional entrance to the building.



Timber cladding detail and material board.





The external staircase, filtered light.
















Commercial Space.




Project: Holmes Studios
Address: Holmes Road, Camden
Client: Union Developments


  • Planning was approved in 2016, Completion in 2017
  • 8 residential units above commercial Space on GF