About | Lynas Smith


We are an innovative company who always seek to design buildings that are unique, aspirational and inspirational.

We promote an openly personable and non-hierarchical structure within the company and put specific focus onto the individual members of the Lynas Smith team.

As a passionate and engaged creative company we speak clearly and directly to our end consumer; an individual also likely to be a successful creative.

We emphasise and elevate the fundamental aspects of the architectural process – the initial sketches and the broad stroke ideas.

We understand and have an affinity to the local area and design buildings based on the desires and aspirations of its residents.

We have recently moved our office from Warehaus, to our latest building, Monohaus.

The Team:

Michael Lynas

Kaldon Smith

Mädi Boehm

Conor O’Keefe

Marco Marcelletti

Giuseppe Tonelli

Patricia Gonzalez

Manon Brisset

Charlotte Streuber

Lynas Smith are an innovative architecture company motivated to design exceptional buildings that define the landscape of the local area and the aspirations of its residents.