Two roofs in Hackney | Lynas Smith

Two roofs in Hackney

We enjoy thinking about new ideas for roofs, they can create great opportunities for amenity, particularly communal.  The swimming pool and terrace at Warehaus is a great extension to your flat, where you can catch up with neighbours and have a swim.  Re-imagining the space at Arthaus we were asked to provide additional flats to the roof, we really didn’t want to extend the existing materials up, we wanted the new flats to stand out as additions, so we created planters, flats covered in plants and flowers as a curiosity on the skyline.

There is plenty of press at the moment about rooftop extensions and how the government is encouraging them, as architects we want quality to be leading the discussion as well as quantity.

Additional couple of flats at Arthaus, designed to appear as sculptural floral additions to an existing building.

The glass bottomed swimming pool on top of Warehaus. Residents and guests relax after a long day in the city, looking back at the city as they cool off.




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